Nobles Nobles Legacy

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  • The fragrance opens its aromatic journey with a wave of freshness manifested in the refreshing notes of artemisia and grapefruit, announcing a lively beginning. The fragrance then takes us to its beating heart, where the warmth of cedarwood meets the warm spices of ginger. At the end of this journey, the aromatic base reveals its rich layers of scent, with leather and tonka bean crafting a deep and seductive aromatic composition that leaves a lasting, attractive impression.
    • Top notes:
      Grapefruit: A citrusy and sweet scent with a feeling of freshness and vitality Artemisia: An herbaceous plant with a soft and elegant floral scent
      Middle notes:
      Cedarwood: An oriental scent that provides stability and depth Ginger: A pungent and spicy aroma that adds a fresh and invigorating feel
      Base notes:
      Tonka beans: A warm, sweet scent resembling a mixture of cinnamon and vanilla Leather: A unique smoky fragrance reminiscent of burning wet wood

      • Spicy

        Oriental perfumes are rich and often exotic, with a focus on warm and spicy notes like cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, and various resins. They can also incorporate elements like amber and incense.


        Inviting and luxurious, oriental fragrances exude distinctive character, lending an aura of sensuality and mystery to those who embrace them. Signature elements in oriental perfumes often encompass sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, and resins.

        • Throughout the ages, the lives of the nobility and the upper classes have inspired admiration and set what were considered the standards of good taste and elegance. “The Perfume of the Nobles” reflects this distinction and sophistication, standing out as a hallmark of the elite lifestyle and those who love luxury and opulence. It creates an unforgettable legacy that bestows charm and elegance on everyone who chooses it.

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Nobles Nobles Legacy

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