Bullet 100 ml

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  • The fragrance begins with an exciting and clear aperture of mandarin and lavender, then saffron and cedar wood with spicy woody touches that give the fragrance strength and presence. The perfume settles on a base of amber and benzoin with warm, sweet and rich touches that add mystery and depth to the perfume.
    • Top notes:
      Lavender: A fragrant scent that makes you feel comfortable and calm Madagascar Mandarin: Citrus scent with sweet notes
      Middle notes:
      Saffron: Strong, woody and spicy scent. Cedar wood: Woody, elegant and dry scent.
      Base notes:
      Benzoin: A rich, sweet scent resembling sweet vanilla with a woody touch Amber: A warm and earthy scent, its distinctive aroma reminds you of archaeological sites.
      • Fresh

        The fresh fragrance category embodies bright, clean scents, often tied to lively energy. While radiating a sparkling and clean feel it also encompasses refreshing green and watery aromas, it is aptly described as airy, refreshing and sparkling.


        Fragrances in the woody family emphasize notes like sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, and patchouli. These scents often evoke a sense of earthiness and depth.

        • In a time where people race after moments and while memories quickly fade, “BULLET” is released as a reminder that some moments have a power worth immortalizing. This new fragrance, inspired by the power and velocity of a bullet, confidently makes its way towards its target, with BULLET you don't just wear a perfume, you choose to be the focus of power and attention everywhere you go.

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Bullet 100 ml

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